Teresa Torres on how to interview customers (Lenny’s Podcast)

Created by Medha Basu. This summary was largely done for my own note-taking, sharing it just in case it adds more value to other people. Any errors are mine :)

Collect stories - you get more context

  • Tell me about the last time you did x
  • Might hear needs that the user isn’t aware of
  • Interviewing is grossly underestimated skills
  • Interviews should feel like a conversation
  • Don’t even need to have a prepared list of questions. Just need to be curious.
  • Help the person open up their story through your questions. Often we’re so worried about what to ask the person next, we don’t listen to what they’re saying.
    • 5 ‘whys’
    • customers love telling stories
  • focus on what the person has done - not on what they would do. the real measure is what people actually do.